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Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

  • March - AMI
    March - AMI
  • Oct - Orienteering
    Oct - Orienteering
  • Pix 11
    Pix 11
  • Passaic - Senior Armed
    Passaic - Senior Armed
  • Passaic - Senior Unarmed
    Passaic - Senior Unarmed
  • Passaic - Senior Color Guard
    Passaic - Senior Color Guard
  • Passaic - Inspection
    Passaic - Inspection
  • Passaic - NS1
    Passaic - NS1
  • Tottenville Trophies
    Tottenville Trophies

Schedule for the Week  


-Mandatory NSI and Senior Unarmed Drill Practice


-Mandatory Color Guard Teams Practice

-PT practice for Drill Meets


-Mandatory NSI and Senior Armed Drill Practice

-Uniform Day


-Boss and Mathers Gym

-Mandatory Color Guard Teams and NSI Drill Practice

-PT practice for Drill Meets


-Optional drill practice after school

-Fun PT for Graphics and Boss

Important info about unit

The Graphics Campus NJROTC is currently made up of multiple high schools: Graphic Communication Arts, Business of Sports School, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce, and Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management. The incorporation of multiple schools gives our unit a sense of diversity as well as allowing us to grow to nearly over 300 cadets. Every cadet is taught the very meaning of what it means to be a NJROTC member. They are taught and trained in order to become their very best. 

Staff meetings are held every Wednesday to discuss the unit's priorities. All of staff is required to attend unless excused.  

We take pride in the NJROTC uniform. Thus, any imperfection seen by a senior cadet will be written up. We also are very strict in appearances outside of uniform. Civilian clothing should be worn with the same respect as the uniform.

What are we: 

Highly Motivated 

Truly dedicated, 

Rough, Tough, Lean, Mean,

ROTC Fighting Machine. OORAH

Are you motivated:

Motivated motivated, 

Downright dedicated, 

You check us out, you check us out, whatt OORAH. 

Upcoming Events

  • Oct - SUNY Maritime Drill Meet
  • Oct - Laser Tag, Indoor Extreme Sports
  • Oct - Hiking Trip Washington Crossing State Park
  • Oct - Cadet Social
  • Nov - Navy Submarine Tour, Connecticut
  • Nov - Veterans Day Parade
  • Nov - Bethel Drill Meet
  • Dec - Navy Ball
  • Dec - Bowling Party and BBQ, Kingston, NY
  • Feb - Tottenville Drill Meet
  • Feb - Passaic Drill Meet
  • Apr - Battleship tour, Aquarium, Philadelphia
  • May - Unit Picnic, Croton Point Park, Weschester, NY
  • May - Washington DC Trip (overnight 4 days)
  • May - Memorial Day Parade, Green Point Brooklyn
  • May - Memorial Day Ceremony/ Soldiers and Sailors Memorial